Energy Sources

Energy Sources

Since the establishment of Bord Gáis under the 1976 Gas Act, following the discovery of natural gas off the south coast of Ireland, the company has transformed from a gas transmission company to a leading dual-fuel energy provider, transporting natural gas to serve c. 640,000 gas users in 152 population centres in Ireland and also supply over 300,000 electricity customers.  

But where does this energy come from?


Natural Gas Supplies

Natural gas was first brought ashore to Ireland in 1976. Since then it has revolutionised energy usage in our country. It is the most environmentally friendly of all fossil fuels and requires no refining and minimal processing before use. Bord Gáis owns and operates 13,150km of gas pipelines, including two sub-sea interconnectors with Scotland from where Ireland gets over 93% of its gas supplies. Bord Gáis is not involved in the exploration or production of natural gas but transports natural gas to each gas user, regardless of their supplier.  Further information on natural gas, it's composition, uses, supplies and environmental benefits are available through the links opposite.

Bord Gáis Energy and the other suppliers and shippers in the Irish gas market purchase the supplies of natural gas for their customers on the wholesale market and use the Bord Gáis network to get supplies to their customers. Visit the Natural Gas Market section for further information on how suppliers purchase natural gas for their customers.

Electricity Supplies & Power Generation

Taking advantage of liberalisation in the energy markets, Bord Gáis Energy entered the business electricity supply market in 2001. In February 2009, the company entered the residential electricity sector and by year-end had gained over 300,000 additional customers thus increasing its share of the total electricity supply market to 12%.

Bord Gáis Energy participates in the SEM (Single Electricity Market) both as a purchaser of electricity and as a generator of electricity.  In order to offer its growing customer base a long-term, competitive offering, it is making significant investment in traditional and renewable power generation including, the 445MW gas-fired power station at Whitegate in Co. Cork, operating 218MW of wind generation and is developing gas-fired peaking plants and a significant portfolio of wind farm developments in various locations throughout the country.  Further information on our power generation projects is available through the links opposite.


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