Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

It is an innate part of the Bord Gáis ethos to be concerned at the impact of our activities. For example, we have been constructing gas pipelines for over thirty years and have achieved an excellent reputation for such projects, from our positive relationships with the landowners to the preservation of the built and natural heritage on pipeline routes. This effective approach has now been adopted and applied in our power generation assets programme also, from power station construction to the build-out of windfarm developments. In Bord Gáis, we are determined to maintain our reputation and the trust of those who interact with us.

Serving our growing base of customers is vitally important in Bord Gáis. We strive everyday, working with our business partners, to deliver customer service to the high standards we set ourselves, offering excellent value products. We consistently meet these standards, yet during the prolonged cold spell of winter 2009/10, we responded by making an exceptional €1m donation towards the higher fuel bills of the most vulnerable. In the exceptional circumstances, it was simply the right thing for Bord Gáis to do.

Our first Corporate Responsibility Report (2009), reflects how we have gained an even deeper understanding of our corporate responsibility strategy’s effectiveness and the process clearly highlighted where we as an organisation have done well and where we have made a real contribution to society. But by comparison we are also aware of the areas where we need to do better and how much more there is for us to do.

Our company values - Safety, Empathy, Honesty & Integrity, Performance and Proactivity - underpin and drive many of our corporate responsibility activities, the choices we have made and the areas where we concentrate our efforts.

We support sustainable development through CR in the following areas: -

  • Marketplace
  • Community
  • Workplace
  • Environment

In the Marketplace, Bord Gáis is a leading energy supplier, supplying both gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout the country. Bord Gáis builds and operates one of the most modern and safe gas networks in the world, connecting all natural gas customers to this network. Bord Gáis is an industry innovator, building its own gas fired power station at Whitegate, developing windfarms and exploring other renewable energy opportunities. In the Workplace, Bord Gáis is a major Irish employer, providing a dynamic and modern place to work for 1,000 employees.

In the Community Bord Gáis works with local communities to ensure that construction projects in the locality cause minimum disruption. It is the company that provides a 24 Hour Gas Emergency Service, managing over 20,000 call-outs a year. It is the company that sponsors popular sporting, cultural and educational events. Bord Gáis also plays its part in protecting the most vulnerable in society, leading an initiative to address energy affordability. As for the Environment Bord Gáis is the company that works with archaeologists to preserve the past uncovered during a construction project. It is the company that strives to build a sustainable future through investment and research in renewable energy.

Bord Gáis has two main divisions – Bord Gáis Energy and Bord Gáis Networks. Bord Gáis Energy is a dual-fuel, all-island business that serves c. 1 million gas and electricity customers and invests in energy assets to grow its portfolio. Bord Gáis Networks builds and operates the natural gas network in Ireland, mainly on behalf of Gaslink, the independent system operator. Bord Gáis Networks is also responsible for new gas connections and for work on service pipes and meters at customers’ premises.

Each division operates independently of the other, as required under EU and national legislation, and this is particularly evident in the Marketplace, the Workplace and the Community. However, despite this fundamental separation, our corporate responsibility strategy extends across the entire Bord Gáis organisation and as such is common to both sides of the business. This collective approach to corporate responsibility allows us as an organisation to maximise the positive impact we can have. In tandem with this, our shared company values and ethos drive all the corporate responsibility activities we undertake as Bord Gáis Energy or Bord Gáis Networks in the Marketplace, the Community, the Workplace and the Environment.

As Bord Gáis grows and develops we will ensure that Corporate Responsibility continues to be central to all our activities. As part of our business strategy, this fundamental element will evolve, expand and progress.

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