Bord Gáis was founded in 1976 to develop the natural gas industry in Ireland following the discovery of natural gas off the south coast. It is a commercial state body operating in the energy sector. Bord Gáis is majority owned by the Irish government, with 3.27% of the capital stock transferred to an Employee Share Ownership Plan in return for transformational savings. The company employs just over 1,000 staff and is headquartered in Cork City, Ireland.


Originally a gas transmission company, it took over the towns’ gas companies in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and other urban centres during the Eighties. Since 1995, the gas market in Ireland has been gradually opened to competition, with full market opening down to residential level occurring in 2007.


Today, Bord Gáis is a leading energy provider, serving c. 640,000 gas users in 152 population centres in Ireland. Bord Gáis owns and operates 13,150km of gas pipelines, including two sub-sea interconnectors with Scotland from where Ireland gets over 93% of its gas supplies. Bord Gáis has both a transmission pipeline business and a gas supply/distribution business in Northern Ireland.


Taking advantage of liberalisation in the energy markets, Bord Gáis entered the business electricity supply market in 2001. In February 2009, the company entered the residential electricity sector and by year-end had gained over 300,000 additional customers thus increasing its share of the total electricity supply market to 12%. It is constructing a 445MW gas-fired power station at Whitegate in Co. Cork, operates 218MW of wind generation and is developing gas-fired peaking plants and a significant portfolio of wind farm developments in various locations throughout the country.


There are three main businesses within the Bord Gáis Group, supported by corporate functions:


Bord Gáis Energy   Gaslink   Bord Gáis Networks
Bord Gáis Energy is a dual-fuel, all-island business that at year-end served c. 950,000 gas and electricity customers with exemplary service at competitive prices; procuring energy efficiently on wholesale markets; and investing in energy assets to support its growth objectives.   Gaslink was established as the independent gas system operator for Ireland, in line with the requirements of the 2003 EU Gas Directive for legal unbundling. Gaslink took over responsibility for the development, maintenance and operation of the transmission and distribution networks in Ireland in July 2008. Bord Gáis Networks continues to perform the majority of this work as a service provider to Gaslink. Ownership of the gas infrastructure remains with Bord Gáis.   Bord Gáis Networks builds and operates the natural gas networks in Ireland, mainly on behalf of Gaslink. It also owns and operates significant gas pipeline assets in Northern Ireland. Bord Gáis Networks is also responsible for new gas connections and for work on service pipes and meters at customers’ premises. It manages a full 24-hour emergency response service and handles over 20,000 call-outs a year.